new Airos 7

Artificial intelligence helping your children.

Airos, the Aisoy robots’ OS uses the most advanced AI to personalize and adapt its use to the skills of your children. Discover all the features that are coming.

Airos 7 will be available this fall.

Airos vision


Emotional engine

Airos 7 includes a motor that allows the robot to “feel” its own emotions. Like people, it evolves in a unique way based on their own experience.


Cognitive engine

Airos 7 includes a powerful AI that allows him to customize his behavior. It adapts specifically to each child according to his skiells. As they get to know each other, the emotional bond is strengthened.


Dialogue-based interaction

Airos 7 uses natural language as the main form of interaction and communication. It is able to chat about various topics. Its knowledge base is constantly increasing.

* Internet is required

* * The understanding’s accuracy may decrease in children under 8 years, children with Autism and children with Special Needs.


Artificial vision

Airos 7 is able to recognize people who interact with him and also objects around it. It is very useful for carrying activities in educational and programming modules.